GOLD GROUP Day 21 Lowero

After yet another session of goodbyes at Bunjako, we made an early start for the long drive to Lowero. We got to the hotel by lunchtime and found Red group who had been there since last night. They had busied themselves painting the outside of primary school a beautiful shade of tangerine. We ate a big buffet lunch together in the hotel garden then got ready to take the very last donations which were things we had put aside as most suitable for primary age children. The teachers gave us a tour and showed us how each classroom had to contain about 150 students. We unpacked the suitcases that were full of toys, books, clothes and shoes and laid it all out so that the teachers could see what we had brought and decide how it should be used. They seemed very grateful and we hope it will make a difference to the student’s learning opportunities. We were particularly impressed with the SEN classroom, where they have 14 students with varying disabilities.DSC_0973DSC_0975DSC_0977DSC_0979DSC_0982DSC_0990DSC_1001DSC_1014


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