GOLD GROUP Day 20 Back to Bunjako

We arrived back at Bunjako at lunchtime. All the students were really happy to see our group again, they crowded round the minibus waiting to greet us. They showed us around so we could see what our money had been spent on, the bottom half of the boys dorm was built, and the same for the new kitchen and they had finished digging the well. We went back to our mission house and the students appeared with a big painted banner saying Lander Lake View Guest House, Red Group were still there so we all sat together outside and ate lunch. Then they left for Lowero and we were invited to a performance with Pearl of Africa Childrens Choir and Uncle Paul thanked us again for all the work we had done. In the evening I spent time with Pauline and she taught a few of us some of the Pearl of Africa tribal dances and some of the boys drummed a rhythm for us to dance to. I also spent my evening look after Olly who was ill.
by Phoebe

And here’s a few additions from other students…
We invited all the Ugandan students into the mission house, and we talked for hours catching up on their week and telling them about our time in Kamuzinda. Ellie

I hung out with Isaac who is the Pearl of Africa boy who came to stay at my house back in November. Blaise

I socialised with Rahim, Mercy, Harriet and Layla and Irene, we played Uno and took lots of photos of each other. Perry

I hung out with Deo who stayed with me when the choir visited, and Edrine who I played football with last time were here. We told them all traditional English stories. We also played cards. Robin

It was nice to be able to visit the people of Bunjako again and in the evening I hung out with Ramah, Abbey, Joanne, Sharmi and we played Uno. Ben

And a few comments from our staff team….

I loved being back by Lake Victoria and seeing everyone again. It was sunny and we didn’t have to do any work so I spent a lot of time sitting by the lake and watching the wierd and wonderful assortment of African birds that lived in the trees on the edge of the lake. I also watched a big red African sun set over the Lake. Hazel

As much as we enjoyed the experience at Kamazinda the gold group made such strong connections at Bunjako that we were all really happy to return for one more night.The reception that we received when we arrived was amazing and we felt like we had come back to our Ugandan home . It was a special evening sitting by the lake chatting with our Ugandan friends and once again enjoying the fire pit that we had built and knowing that many more people will enjoy it in the future. Nicky

It felt like coming home because we had pioneered staying there and had made it so much more than just a building. Sitting round the fire at night was a good way to reconnect with the friends we had previously met. Rob

Arriving back at Bunjako was a bit like coming home, the place and the people were so familiar and they gave us a warm welcome. The 2 highloghts for me were revisiting the walk along the edge of Lake Victoria and watching the kingfishers and the fish eagles, also being taught to dance by some of the Ugandan girls by the light of the fire. I also loved the dark sky and seeing the stars and planets so clearly. Miriam

I now have a new home in Uganda – I fell in love with Kamuzinda last year and fell in love with Bunjako this year. Adam

The fire pit feels like we have left something they can use while we are not there. They have intentions of teaching lessons round the fire so we have improved their learning environment by giving them an additional space. Simon

It was lovely to see our students reconnecting with the friends they had made  the first time we stayed here. JennyIMG_20180718_174522237IMG_20180718_185313151IMG_2426IMG_2431IMG_2454IMG_2493IMG_2506


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