RED Day 19 – Party at Bunjako

Today, we started our day by eating the delicious bread and hard boiled eggs. After, we prepared for the party (rave) with the Ugandans later that day. We (Rob, Josh E, Miggie and Sabre) prepared by sunbathing and relaxing (Sabre didn’t burn).

At the party there was a volleyball net between trees and a swing ball thing. Ella was connected to the speakers and played all of her bangers like: Sweet Caroline and Bangers and Mash; meanwhile Miggie was preparing to instigate a mosh pit later on… We then watched the primary school and Pearl of Africa perform for us then Josh and Rob mysteriously disappeared before it was our turn to sing. They were found having a kick about with the Ugandan children at the back of the Guest House after the rest of red group returned from singing.

Succeeding that, we served the Ugandans a nourishing meal of beef stew, potatoes and rice – they were very grateful. People also washed dishes.

We then ate tea but I can’t remember what it was probably chips and chicken with lots of rice.

At lights out we exchanged some hilarious jokes that cracked up Jon (Mr Webb), Miss Cornish and Mrs Anderson. Jack Joseph Rattigan had the best variety of jokes, these made a roar of laughter from everyone who heard and gave Josh what sounded like an Asthma attack. We told many more jokes then went to sleep.

By Rob and Miggie (Alex)

P.S Hi mum, the scab on my knee is all gone now – Rob xx

P.P.S See u soon mum and call me at 10 our time whenever you read this – Alex X

— See the RLS Facebook page for photos


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  1. Jeanne Iliffe says:

    Can always rely on Jack Rattigan to raise a laugh missing you loads but so happy your having an adventure of a lifetime. See you soon ps if anyone in Uganda sees this can you let him know we will phone tonight around 830 pm your time xxx


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