RED Day 18 – Tooth Brushing and Sports Day Part 2

Today we woke up to rainy weather which soon passed and became bright sunshine. Then we took a “20 minute” walk to a “nearby” primary school in the blazing heat. Once there we sat and watched children performing their songs for us, before attempting our own version.

Then we got to work teaching each class how to clean their teeth properly. After that we gave each student a toothbrush and some toothpaste. We spent the rest of our time there playing games with the children such as: netball, Frisbee and skipping. The children exhausted the Richard Lander students by chasing them around the courtyard, while a few of the ‘lads’ collected their own cult gathering holding T poses. The rest of us just sat on the side and laughed.

Following another “20 minute” walk back we were treated to another example of the kitchen’s excellent cooking (not sarcastic – food is good). Then Uncle Paul regaled us with the origins of the foundation. After the eye opening talk regarding Uncle Paul’s life, we continued with sports day. Aaron reigned supreme in the ‘wrestling with the arms’ as Lucy has taken to calling it. Even beating out head boy Isaac.

There were also musical chairs – which the students did not participate in, and volleyball where it became increasingly obvious most of us have never even touched a volleyball before… in other words, we did great.

Finishing the day with dinner and then bouts of screaming as the bugs dropped and the lights kept cutting out, and men walked on the rafters above our heads. Can’t wait until we have a ceiling.

As we are typing this yells of: ‘don’t go in your room, the electricians are on the roof’ are sounding. While others are sitting around the fire able to see Venus and Mars.

Tip from Lucy: Put bug spray on before you go to bed, because she didn’t and is now counting out bug bites to a very fascinated crowd. (apparently their giant, not even tiny little mini ones…whatever that means?)

I had a very fun day.

Lucy, River, Jenna.


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