RED Day 17 – A Very Special Day

Yesterday was a very special day as it was Lucy’s birthday, this meant that everyone got granted with an afternoon off work in which we painted our faces with paint that glows under a UV light. People drew rainbows on sides of people’s faces and others had flowers and dots and swirls finished off with some glitter. We also had a quiz night lead by quiz master Mr Bond which consisted of a general knowledge round, a Uganda round and a music round. Once all the scores were collected in it turned to a tie between Emma’s team (Mrs Bond) and Nona’s team, in which Emma’s team were victorious after the tie breaker.

Before the afternoon however we wanted to give Lucy a nice birthday surprise so when everyone was picking their jobs some people stayed behind and did ‘water pumping’ which was what we called it to try and hide the fact that we were actually decorating for Lucy’s birthday. Kerrie, Megan, Ella, Isla, grace and Kizzy were the ones that stayed back to decorate the house to surprise Lucy for when she returned from work. We made signs that said ‘15’ and one big one that said Lucy with some balloons and love hearts. Other jobs on offer were tree planting, mural painting and donation sorting.

In the donation sorting, they sorted food packages which were later taken to more poverty struck villages that we had visited further on in Bunjako. They also decorated bags in which we put donations like clothes and toiletries for girls, books and toys. This was done by Jess, Roxy, Olive, Rob, Toby and Jack Rattigan. The food packages were taken by two groups at different times later on in the day.

We also were given cake and drinks and crisps by the teachers on top of our nightly tuck shop which is run by Mrs Anderson.

Furthermore, the world cup was also put on the projector and we sat to watch the game with some fellow Ugandans and waited for the reveal of the world cup winners which turned out to be France. Moreover, later on in the day a very very very tense and competitive game of monopoly was played. It included Nona, Kerrie, Aaron, Miggie, Kieron, Taryn and Ella. However, in the end we all teamed up against Aaron and Miggie and we finally won after a three-hour game. Turns out there was a lot of cheating that occurred in that game that was later discovered. Finally, just before the night ended we had music on and we had a few people up on the dancefloor.

This was written by Kerrie 🙂 xx

— See the RLS Facebook page for photos


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