RED Day 16 – Sports Day at Bunjako

Today, we started the day by enjoying Uganda’s finest breakfast, consisting of hard boiled eggs, cereal and bread. After this nourishing meal, we embarked on the dangerous voyage past the goats and cow to get to our destination: the sports field!!!

We started the journey with the first of three BIG games of el futbol. First, Mandela red dominated Shalom by winning penalties after being carried by the Ugandan’s. This therefore entailed a sombre departing of Shalom (the worst team ever, due to the burden of Jack C and Toby)

Next up, was Launceston blues against the Mutesa greens, this match was controlled by some of the greatest footballers (Rob and will) Who battled it out for a spot in the grand finale against Mandela captained by Matthew and Aaron. Unfortunately, Rob Osborne could not carry his lacklustre side despite controlling the game.

The third, and BIGGEST of all the games saw the two most prolific, exciting and talented footballers to bless the beautiful game come head to head in the most tense and meaningful game of the century. Matthew and Will began the duel of death in the final of a life time. The game went right down to the wire after two goals in quick succession- one of which being a half way line goal, scored by Eclas (who would have been the best player on the pitch if Matt and Will didn’t make him look anything better than average). The game ended in a thrilling penalty shootout in which Fin holt missed the first penalty and the game ended in a win for the captain Matt and Team Mandela.

After that, Mandela played against shalom in a gruelling game of netball in which Mandela emerged the victors. Soon after, the second finalist was to be decided as Launceston played Mutesa, in which Launceston secured their place in the final.

Energised and ready the two finalists Launceston captained by the best player of all time- Anya Lasagne who bossed the centre of the court and carried her team, Launceston, to a 10-1 victory over a below average push for glory by Mandela.

There were few notable events that encored after the two big games. One event that stood out was the arm wrestling, dominated by Aaron – The Worganator – Worgan who has obtained an unbeaten streak of five games over Uganda’s finest competition.

After the events, we ventured back through the African bush to our point of rectitude, finishing the day off with a delicious meal and a glorious African sunset.

By Matt and Will xx

Also big Kez won the egg and spoon race

Olive, Ella and Miggie won tug of war

Ella did bits as a netball ref

Matt and Jack C were exceptional at volleyball whereas unfortunately, Toby was a customer (bad) and Meg was a big customer (very bad).

— See the RLS Facebook page for photos


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