GOLD GROUP day 19 Making chapatis, finishing jobs and preparing for a party

This morning Mama Millie showed some of us how to make chapatis. She used warm water, salt, shredded onion and carrot, baking powder, wheat flour and oil to mix up her dough. Then she taught us to form the dough into small balls, roll it flat on a board and fry them in a pan with oil on a charcoal fire. We love Mama Millie’s chapattis!DSC_0849DSC_0852DSC_0857DSC_0863DSC_0864DSC_0866DSC_0871

Also today we are finishing  painting and preparing food for a party where we feed all the Ugandan students. Photos and updates on this will come later…..

And here they are:

Loads of little kids wanted to have their nails painted. I sat on the grass with them and let them pick their colours, they were all really happy with their freshly painted nails. Nellie

I served fruit juice to the little kids at the party. I was having to fend off the kids who wanted seconds because there were so many children who needed a drink. Perry

The staff had spent all day cooking giant pots of food on the fire to feed all the school students. We offered to serve the food, the queue of children went on for ever. Some kids came with plastic bowls to put their food in, but others only had plastic bags and some of these had rips and the food was leaking out. We found as many bowls as possible to give out but it wasn’t enough and it was upsetting to watch. Orlando

At the party they had hired a sound system and were blasting out terrible Ugandan music. All the little kids were dancing on the lawn, and then each children’s home had to perform a dance, and then it was Richard Lander’s turn and we had to follow someone’s moves and then we all got dragged up individually which was embarrassing but fun. Charles

We were messing around with the primary kids, dancing and making them laugh. Later on after all the students had eaten, it was dark and the little kids seemed to have left and we danced with the older students, some of were on each others shoulders and it was a fun last night. Lottie and Maddie

We got out our leftover beads and jewellery string and laid them out on a bedsheet on the grass. I was outnumbered twenty to one and little children were all around me, pushing and shoving to get a share of the beads. The only thing I was in control of was the string and the scissors, but the kids really enjoyed making bracelets and necklaces. It made me happy watching them have so much fun. Cam




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  1. Helen Stuart-Fletcher says:

    Could we have some photos and updates please?


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