GOLD GROUP day 18 Planets

IMG_20180716_145327898IMG_20180716_153042820IMG_20180716_154001894IMG_20180716_154136721IMG_20180716_154157943IMG_20180716_154211586IMG_20180716_160658570IMG_20180716_164330594IMG_20180716_172211060DSC_0843DSC_0844Planets took up the whole of Monday. It started late because they were setting up a really nice performance area with armchairs and sofas for the VIPs and judges. We all had to be involved in the first category, which was singing a religious song (all 4 Planets sung the same song separately). For each category all the Planets perform in turn, solos, duets, trios, speeches, creative dance, drama, ballet dance, folk dance etc. There were a lot of categories and everything took longer than expected so by the end of the day they had over run by 3 hours.
My Planet was Venus and I had to be in 3 different performances.We’d only had 2 practices, so there was a lot of pressure because the Ugandans had been working on it all term. In the 3rd one I had to dress up as a cattle herder and act out herding and one of the Ugandans was on all fours wearing cow horns.
Earth were the winning planet and won half a cow to share and Venus came last which they were very sad about.

by Tom Norris

Because some of us didn’t have the patience to sit through all of the long performances, a group of us opted to work for some of the day as time is running out to finish what we set out to achieve. One group painted the 4 old classrooms which had been washed down earlier, so they are looking loads better now, and the others learnt how to mix cement and render the outside of the new classrooms. They all did a good job. The little kids are funny, they all want to help. We have learnt that when the Ugandans help us, the painting can become quite messy, so we are good at retrieving any stray brushes that they have picked up. Yesterday we hid all the brushes from a group of very small children, but it didn’t make any difference. They painted with their fingers, they painted themselves, they dipped their hands in the paint and wrote their names on the wall, and they painted the metal doors and were very happy.

One group took a food parcel to a small house near the school land. It belongs to a very poor family who were found by Sam Wilkins, a RL student when he visited Uganda 8 years ago. He was shocked at the broken small shack they were living in and he went home and raised money, came back with his family and they built them a house. Our school now check up on them and take them some food whenever we are in the area. Our students were shocked today at the poverty they are living in, trying to grow small amounts of food to sell and the old man has cataracts in both eyes. Today the students have had a whip round of their own shillings, rummaged through their own clothes to see what they can donate and found some hygiene products. A group of them plan to make another visit to deliver what they hope will help the family.


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