RED Day 14 – Reuniting before Bunjako

Today was the first day in 3 days that we had proper showers, so most woke early to enjoy the last warm showers until safari. Breakfast, which was served at 8am, included toast, some weird stuff with chocolate on, the weird stuff without the chocolate, some egg and pineapple with carrot – a surprising combination.

After breakfast, we headed down to Jasimu to distribute donations to the school and say goodbye. We then made our way, for the last time, to St Jude’s which was an emotional rollercoaster. We visited the library to look at the finished room, fully painted, organised and decorated with wonderful flower and book mural’s. The football pitch was our next stop, to compete in both netball and football games against the primary school.

It was a momentous occasion as all the local schools gathered to watch our team of 14-35 year olds (lead by Rob Osborne as captain and Jack Clat. as vice) be beaten (3-1) by 11 under 11’s in a tragic defeat. Our netball team also got beaten, originally they were told to go easy on the 11 year olds but then realised that they didn’t need to go easy and ended up getting beat 8-7.

As we wept in defeat, we were quickly ushered onto 2 coaches for a short stop to pick up luggage from the hotel. Once loaded, the coaches headed for Masaka to reunite with Gold group.

We were first to arrive at Frickodella, the internet café, where shortly afterwards we were accompanied by the Gold Group. We were treated to WiFi and a burger. After a short goodbye, we departed and headed to the equator. While en route, we were surprised by mango sellers, they were selling 28 mangoes for 2000 shillings (40p) which makes them the fruit equivalent to penny sweets. We all enjoyed them.

Our last souvenir stop was at the equator, everyone bought their last gifts and bits and pieces. Once on the road again we did the last leg to Bunjako which included a very bumpy dirt track with lots of friendly locals always happy to wave no matter what they are doing. At the end of the track we meet up with the whole school who were waiting to perform their welcome songs and dances for us. Some of the Pearl of Africa choir that had visited RLS in the previous years were reunited with their friends.

Once the welcome dances had ended the school children escorted us to the newly constructed mission house where a fire was lit and everyone sat around talking and introducing themselves. We collected our belongings and headed to the rooms to check out where we would be spending the next 6 nights. Everyone slowly filtered in to the main room where there was a freshly prepared meal waiting for us.

During the meal the lake fly swarm began first with the people who were sitting under the lights as they would drop down in the food, a bit later on there were more and lots of members of the grouped started to get freaked out as they didn’t like insects. This lead to some weird and wonderful outfits to cover all parts of the skin – Aaron Worgan had the most creative idea by far.

Even after being reassured they could not harm you the screaming still went on until the end of their 24 hour life – when everyone settled down to watch a film.

Kieran Trethowan


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  1. Sarah Trethowan says:

    Great to have lots of new updates today and see you all looking like you’re having a brilliant time. Fab blog Kieran

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lander4Uganda2018 says:

      Happy birthday Sarah, lots of love the Red Group (and Kieran) x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Janet Trethowan.”. says:

    Wonderful account of what they have done (Red Group Richard Lander)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lander4Uganda2018 says:

      Thanks Granny, you’re the best! 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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