RED Day 13 – “Who Stole the Mango from the Mango Tree”

Just like we would if we were at home, everybody is sitting in the restaurant at the hotel watching England bring it home…(hopefully), definitely getting rowdy in here in the first half – Mr Bond is extremely excited.

Today was our last full day at Bukomansimbi and all our murals and painting was successfully finished, St. Jude’s primary school now has a beautiful logo on the outside of the building and a clean organised library, thanks to Miss Cornish, despite her fear of the 5cm long gecko that interrupted our work with its ultimate cuteness.

Jasimu primary school displayed some extraordinary singing and dancing for us in the morning – including our new favourite “who stole the Mango from the Mango tree”. Their lime green School building is stunningly decorated with educational and detailed diagrams of the digestive system, the inside of the ear and the heart. All the murals look amazing and the students have put in a lot of effort, especially Kieran who was extremely proud of his flower in the library at St. Jude’s.

I know that we will all be sad to leave Bukomansimbi, mainly because of the mean chips and ice cream that the hotel have been providing us, however looking forward to helping the schools and children in Bunjako tomorrow. On the way we’re also going to catch up with Gold Group in Masaka, which we’re all excited for.

Anya Lasagne


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  1. Jeanne Iliffe says:

    Cant see the photos but sounds like your all very busy x


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