RED Day 12 – Working in St Jude’s and Jasimu

This morning we split into 4 groups, to complete morels at Jasimu School and St Jude’s, painting the inside and outside of the library, and assist in bricklaying the new extension.

After a break for lunch, we got back to work and finished the base layer ready to decorate with even more murals in the library, and finish Gold teams work in the dormitory’s. We also plan on painting the School logo on the library that was built by last years Lander4Uganda team.

After dinner we got a World Cup treat, getting to watch France vs Belgium and stay up until the end of the match.

Tomorrow we’re all very excited to be able to watch the England Semi-Finals and to finish our work at St Jude’s.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jeanne Iliffe says:

    Your all doing an amazing job well done eveyone especially my boy Jack Rattigan x


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