RED Day 11 – Moving on to Bukomansimbi

Sunday was our teams rest day too, heading to church in the morning and having a leaving party in the afternoon.

On Monday morning we were taught how to make chapattis by Mamma Millie and dropped our final donations to the Clinic and Nursery class, including baby clothes and tables we’d built with the carpenter.

After lunch, we loaded up the vehicles and waved good bye to Kamuzinda. After a short 2 hours we arrived at Hollandia Hotel, Bukomansimbi. With amazing views, a tv and restaurant it was a welcome sight.

After we had unloaded our suitcases and found our rooms, we walked down into the town to be welcomed by St Jude’s Primary. They put on an amazing display from their school choir and performed traditional Ugandan dances. They were all so young yet so enthusiastic and talented.

We were also given a full tour of the school and the work we will be finishing, started by the Gold team, including painting, murals and bricklaying. After our tour, we walked back up the hill for dinner and a relaxed evening before the real work begins in the morning.


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