GOLD GROUP Day 12 – Birthdays

Today we have been busy again and we have achieved so much. Joss, Josh and Trey have worked really hard and created a magnificent fire pit out on the lake side of our mission house. Henry, Jess and Ben dug in lots tree stumps all around it so we have something to sit on. The solar pump team have finished their project and it is working really well.
We have finalised the rest of the donations, saving a load for Leweero which will be our last stop on the way to safari. We have sorted small toys and babyclothes for a local nursery that the women at the health clinic told us about. We have put ready some more toys, plus fiction and text books, to take to St Mary’s primary school (the main feeder school for for this school) which we visited yesterday. Today is a national holiday because it is local elections, so schools are closed. We took a big group of students up to the clinic for another donation drop. The local community saw us coming and they ran to see what we had for them. We handed out individual clothes to adults and children and some Pirate FM tote bags which went down really well.
Ben and Harvey started digging a well. It has to be 15 feet deep. Once they reach water the builders will help as there is a technique for securing each level before they dig deeper.
Perry and Blaise took some hoes down to the sweet potato patch and dug up some giant pink roots which we rinsed in the lake ready for dinner. The painting team finished the dorm, the sanders finished all the wooden benches, and the whole group cleared the central area of our house so that the staff could lay down some plastic flooring so we don’t have to live on a dusty floor.
Today was Josh Steven’s 15th birthday, it was also Shantel’s 10th birthday, she is the grand-daughter of Uncle Paul (the founder of this school) so she has been part of our extended big family in our time at Bunjako. When our working day finished, we put on music, made paperchains and decorations, made party hats for the birthday duo, filled bowls with little snacks, and put candles on the elaborate cakes that we had bought. Lots of Ugandans gathered in our house and we sang, ate cake and did some African drumming.
After dinner we sat round the fire watching the Ugandans BBQ giant cassava roots, the freshly dug sweet potatoes and maize on a metal bed frame balanced over the fire. We set the World Cup match up on the projector screen and everyone had a relaxing evening. The Lake Moths come each night in swarms, they hatch, seem to live for an hour, then die. We have timed them, they seem to arrive around 8pm, flutter all around us and invade our living space but by 9pm they are almost gone and in the morning there is a carpet of dead moths to sweep away.The night sky is the blackest, biggest, brightest sky we have ever seen. The milky way is really clear and the plough is upside down.DSC_0536DSC_0539DSC_0541DSC_0544DSC_0546DSC_0556DSC_0566DSC_0572DSC_0574DSC_0577DSC_0585DSC_0587IMG_20180710_102414644IMG_20180710_102725006IMG_20180710_102756014IMG_20180710_103213205IMG_20180710_104313363IMG_20180710_110817185


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