RED Day 8 – Masaka Part 2 and Donations

The boys and girls were split again this morning, reversing jobs from yesterday. The girls headed into the local town, Masaka, for a spot of shopping in the local markets and the boys met the primary, secondary and Farm School classes to give out football kits, books, laptops and sporting equipment. The boys then got a few hours of work done before the girls returned and lunch was served.


The afternoon was an amazing experience for both the Red team and the schools as both the boys and girls got to teach their lessons. Covering Geography, Maths, English and Science in both the primary and high school, they were great fun and an insight into school life in Uganda.

After each group taught their lesson twice, we headed down to the football field for the Lander vs Uganda match. We played a full game on uneven ground against the High School team and only lost 2-0, but very proud of the effort put in by all players. Before dinner we were joined by some of the younger students from the Children’s Village to play swing ball and catch.

The boys singing our Cornish anthem, Trelawney, with hands on hearts

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