Gold Group Day 8 starting work at Bunjako (and Day 9)

IMG_2613IMG_2621IMG_2630IMG_2635Apologies for no update, we don’t have wifi at Bunjako, but everyone is fine, adapting to the Bunjako way of life and we have started work, improving the school where we can.

The day started with a tour, students were paired off with a Bunjakan friend and were shown the lake, the classrooms, the kitchen, the veg patch, the animals which are reared for meat and the dormitories. The house they are building for us to stay in is still unfinished as you can see from the pictures, so we are temporarily in dorm accommodation for a night or 2. The new house will be lovely when it is finished and the roof is going on fast. It has showers and toilets, lots of bedrooms and a central communal space.

After that we moved all the big suitcases into the dining room and finally got to separate the donations from our own luggage. We sorted the donations onto separate tables, a mountain of bras,  a table of games, puzzles and toys,  adult, teen, children’s and baby clothes, sports gear, classroom resources and stationary, books, medical and body/ hygiene products and tech stuff such as laptops. What an amazing load of useful stuff, thankyou to everyone who donated. We will take the things for primary children to Leweero, which we will go to near the end of the trip, and we will share out the rest in this area.

So far we have painted a classroom and the large dining hall. Richard Lander students start the work off in an organised way, and the enthusiastic Ugandans come to join in and it becomes a little chaotic, but maybe more fun. We have also done a bit of plumbing, and some general clearing and cleaning of the new house, in the hope that it means we can move in earlier.

We finished work at 4pm and relaxed until dinner at 7pm. Some students sat with the drummers and dancers, learning from them as they practiced, others swapped gym tricks and dance moves, some played football and volleyball, some chatted and swapped phrases of Ugandan and English. It is very nice for the students to be around people of  their own age.
Today (Day 9) is Saturday and we only work for half the day. Some of the boys are playing in a mixed team of Richard Lander and Bunjako, in a football tournament at the equator. The others are painting murals. We hope to move into our house before sunset tonight, and it will be a relief to be able to unpack properly. Tomorrow is Sunday and we will be going to church with the Bunjako students, we have heard them practicing their songs and drum music for this, so we are expecting it to be quite lively.



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