GOLD GROUP Day 7 Masaka and arriving at Bunjako


With just a morning left to work with the Bukamansimbi schools, we split the group and half the students painted murals at St Judes and half painted at Masimu. Some students had the important job of entertaining the school children who all wanted to watch and help and play and sing and chase. Back up the hill to lunch, and then onto the minibus coasters with all our luggage, back over the equator and a quick stop at Masaka for supermarket snack shopping and a locals market.
A long travel along a dirt track and suddenly the bus stopped and we were in a swarm of colour and sound. We had arrived at Bunjako Island and the Pearl of Africa choir were all in costume, singing and dancing to welcome us. All the secondary students lined up on each side of the entrance and we walked through them as they clapped and cheered our arrival. Quite overwhelming but really lovely, and Bunjako Island is the most beautiful site, built on the edge of Lake Victoria.
The sun set as we listened to speeches by Molly and Paul, watched the singing and dancing, and introduced ourselves to the students. Then we found our dormitories, had a communal dinner, played some games with our new friends and fell fast asleep.IMG_20180705_111515760


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  1. Helen Stuart-Fletcher says:

    Any photos please?


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