RED Day 7 – Bra Drop, Market Shops and Work


Today we (the lads) of the red team went to the Masaka market and we all bought fake garms. Following that, we went to a traditional food market which was entirely different. The food market was much more compact and had a really traditional feeling. On the way back, Uncle Dennis bought us two jackfruits which we are very grateful for. After that, the whole team went to the primary school hall to paint both inside and out. The paintwork is really coming on now and is starting to look much better. To conclude that afternoon, the boys football team trained for their big game on Friday against Kamuzinda school.


Toby Stephens, Rob Osbourne, Jack Clatworthy


The girl’s day was slightly different. Instead of shopping with the boys, we did a bra-drop – possibly one of the best activities we’ve done yet (in my opinion). We spent the morning helping the secondary and primary girls find bras that fit, from the donations we’d brought over. It was amazing to see how excited they all were to be given bras, lots of them laughing and smiling when they left the table.

Later in morning, after we’d tidied up and sorted the last of the bras, we packed toy donations and books, filling bags for the children to receive when we drop clothes later this week. Then as previously stated we continued to paint the primary school – most of us getting covered in the process. There are now the beginnings of a few murals in the room, and the place looks a lot livelier, we can’t wait to see the finish!

While the ‘lads’ played football, the rest of us planned our lessons, which we are teaching to a variety of different ages tomorrow.

River Jones



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  1. alwam says:

    Message for Roxy: We have planning permission!


  2. alwam says:

    Message for Roxy: we got planning permission!


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