GOLD GROUP: Day 5 Visiting schools in Bukamansimbi.

What a day, we are overwhelmed with the welcome we have had from the local schools. Jasimu was the first one we visited, it was a Muslim primary school and the children looked so sweet in their green school uniform. They showed us the classrooms, and then we were welcomed by singing, dancing and drumming outside. This was dramatically interrupted by a heavy rain shower, the first they’ve seen for 6 weeks. As soon as the song finished, everyone ran for cover dragging the classroom benches and big African drums with them. The children were adorable and we fell in love with them instantly.

The second school was Hoy College and Kids Gear Primary. These schools don’t need us to do any work for them this year but it was interesting for us to have a tour and meet students of all ages.

The third school was St Judes, which is a large government run school. Funding is really minimal so they desperately need our help. They have nearly 1000 students and only 19 teachers. The students were all dressed in yellow uniform, they had bright eyes and beaming smiles and they gave us such a warm welcome.  Our Richard Lander boys played a football game with a team of 14 year old St Judes boys; the match was as hotly contested as any World Cup match, and  England narrowly won this game too This was a massive achievement in the heat. The girls were playing netball and, although they didn’t win, a great time was had by all.

Seeing all the students interacting with each other and having fun communicating through song, games, sport, photography, questions and laughter was really wonderful and quite emotional. However, the conditions of the schools have really shown us how much they need our help. We start work tomorrow.



sunrise from our bukamansimbi home



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